¡¡¡¡Guangzhou Hamaetsu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Is located in the developed economy and culture ancient Guangzhou Guangzhou. Is a design, development, production and sales of professional CNC numerical control equipment manufacturers, mainly engaged in¡°Special Magnesium¡±Series and¡°U Jie¡±Series of two product£¬Products include the "special magnesium" series engraving machine, laser machines, woodworking machines, flat-panel photo printers and advertising machines, "excellent Czech Republic" series inkjet printers and inkjet supplies, etc., and in carving CAD / CAM and other areas of major breakthroughs, in particular, is "excellent Czech Republic" series, the advent of inkjet machine, its load Konica nozzle, with its high speed, high precision and long life characteristics of quickly occupied the South China region and the mainland market, and continuous improvement and innovation into the international market¡£

Is a design, development, production and sales of professional CNC...
¡°To create greater value for you "is the Hamaetsu the eternal...
Operation Principle
¡°Quality first, service first "is the digital business ...
Strict hierarchical organizational structure is responsible for...

Operation Principle
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